What is the most important part of your business?

Business Model Canvas, has come from silicon valley a decade ago. As they had so many startup businesses that failed in 2 – 3 yrs – they looked into why.

Start in the right place – Customer

Describe your customer: –

  • What jobs they do in their business
  • What pains they have to get these jobs done
  • What do they gain if these pains are done by someone else
  • What are their values and emotions
  • What is their point of view

Potential Customer Point of View

Pain Reliever – Gain Creator – Product / Service

Opt for a Safe, Meaningful or Radical solution

This then gives you your product or service that is tailored to your customers pains / problems and resolves them.

Not what you think they need.

When you have your products and services, then you can choose how to market them.

Only then can you create a price / revenue – remember that this can be market dependent, value dependant – what is the customer expecting to pay.

Then comes your costings based on your price / revenue – does this stand up – remember to include all overheads including paying yourself.

Set up some checks to make sure that – it all still works

Add your secret sauce to make you stand apart from your competitors!

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